How we work

Our Model

After reviewing the lists of applicants from our education partners, Ihsan Trust conducts stringent interviews to comprehend the need of each student.

If the need is genuine and merit is up to the mark, Ihsan Trust approves the case and disburses the amount to university account.

Ihsan Trust disburses the approved loan directly to the university account.

The students start repaying a mutually agreed token amount from the very next month while studying.

Repayment Method

During the study period, the student has to repay a mutually agreed nominal amount.

The repayment amount will depend upon the student’s financial position and his/her parents’ monthly income.

Monthly token repayment from the student starts from the very next month, after the managing trustee approves student for the Interest-free loan facility.

After the completion of his/her education, the repayment amount will be adjusted according to the income of the student.

To Repay

Repay by visiting any branch of Meezan Bank Ltd. with the help of your Dealer Code (CNIC Number).

Students have to print and deposit the slip mentioned below in Meezan Bank Ltd. Through repaying via CMS, the details of your repayment are automatically updated into Ihsan Trust’s system.

CMS Deposit Slip

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Ihsan Trust?
Ihsan Trust is a non-profit organization registered in 2010 as waqf (trust). The major focus of IT is in the domain of providing Interest free loan for higher education to the needy and deserving students of top-notch Universities and Professional bodies across Pakistan. Through this scheme, the Ihsan Trust bears the educational expenses of the students on purely "Need cum Merit" basis in order to enable them to complete their Higher Education.
2What is the procedure of availing interest free loan facility?
Coordinate with financial aid department of your respective university where you will be directed by the focal person of Ihsan Trust that how you can avail this facility.
3Which universities are affiliated with Ihsan Trust?
Education partners
4What is the process of making repayments?
You have to pay your repayments as per the agreement from the next month of loan disbursement
5Is it necessary to make regular monthly payments?
Yes, it is mandatory.
6If we are unable to make regular payments then how it can affect our funding from Ihsan Trust?
In case you are unable to pay monthly repayments then funding for your education will be stopped.
7What are different channels to repay one’s loan?
There are two ways to make monthly repayments. 1. Cash Management System via Meezan Bank Branches. 2. Online repayment system via Ihsan Trust website.
8What if my dealer code doesn’t appear on CMS of Ihsan Trust?
Repay through general deposit slip and send the picture of deposit slip to Ihsan Trust via WhatsApp or email. Make sure that your dealer code is updated the next time you repay.
9What is Cash Management System (CMS)?
It a customized deposit slip solely for Ihsan Trust’s beneficiaries. The student can download the CMS deposit slip from the website of Ihsan Trust. After filling the CNIC and repayment details on the printed deposit slip, the student has to deposit it to any Meezan Bank Ltd branch and repay the amount due for the respective month. This is the most effective offline method to repay the loan as the repaid amount is then automatically recorded in Ihsan Trust’s system without requiring any proof from the student.
10What are other channels for repayment?
You can also repay online directly from Ihsan Trust website
11How will I know the amount of repayment due?
You are encouraged to keep track of your loan repayment; however, you can call also us at 0331-0044726 or message us at WhatsApp to know your due amount of repayment.
12What is donation account details?
Bank Name: Meezan Bank A/C Name: IHSAN TRUST Branch Code: 0101 A/C No. 0101385405
13Can the donor claim Tax-Benefit in Pakistan by donating to Ihsan Trust?
Yes, all donations are exempted U/S 2(36) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 read rule 212 and 220 of the Income Tax Rules 2002.
14Can an International donor claim Tax-benefit by donating to Ihsan Trust?
Yes. USA based donors can pay via I-Care Fund America. Ihsan Trust is a partner of I-care America in US. The i-Care Fund America, Inc is a 501 (c) (3) organization in the United States. It complies with all federal laws (IRS, Homeland Security, State Department) as well as all US state laws. Donations directed through The i-Care Fund America, Inc., to support organizations in Pakistan, are eligible for U.S. tax benefits. The i-Care Fund America, Inc. provides a legal, tax efficient and convenient mechanism for U.S. donors to direct their contributions to NGOs working in Pakistan. The i-Care Fund America, Inc. is a registered license holder in 23 states within the U.S.
15What is my Dealer code which is required at the time of repaying through CMS?
Dealer Code is your CNIC Number.
16How to update the dealer code?
Contact Ihsan Trust through whatsapp, email, or call, and ask the attendant to update your dealer code by mentioning your CNIC number.