Ihsan Trust

aims to provide financial assistance to atleast one hundred thousand needy students seeking Higher Education across Pakistan

Mission Statement

To reach out and help the poor and needy in a manner that is only according to the principles of Islam so as to take care/look after the well being of poor and needy and to encourage the socio economic uplift of the low income community in order to increase the economic prosperity of the society, ultimately contributing towards the betterment of Pakistan and Ummah.


Aims & Objectives:

To raise the standard of living of under privileged, downtrodden, neglected sections of the population and low income group, with a strategic approach for developing a sustainable system for the welfare of these neglected segments, helping the society as a whole. Which are:

  • Educational & Skill Development
  • Rural Development
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Immediate relief to the affectees of any natural disaster/ calamity
  • Rehabilitation and other community building services
  • Qarz-e-Hasna
  • Establishment and operation of orphanages
  • Providing funds for the marriage of poor girls
  • Assist indebted poor people
  • Islamic Microfinance

Private / Individual Donors:

  • Meezan Bank Limited
  • Other Islamic Banks & Islamic Financial Institutions.
  • Al-Meezan Investment Management Limited
  • NBP National Fullerton Asset Management Limited (NAFA)
  • Other Asset Management Companies and Funds (being approached)